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New Release For 2024 Double CD

Disc One

1. What's Right And What's Wrong

2. Makes You Want To Celebrate

3. Longtime Coming

4. Keep On Passing Me By

5. Come A Little Bit Closer

6. Hold Me And Walk With Me

7. I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

8. I Made It Through The Night

9. Riding Through The Night

10. Would It Stay

Disc Two

1. A Younger Time

2. Big Shot Of My Baby's Love

3. Give Me A Warning

4. Find Somebody New

5. Living In Tennessee

6. Riding Down The Turnpike

7. Silence

8. This And That

9. When The Snow Is Falling

10. Blue Enough For Two

20 songs written in 2023 with the exception of "Silence" written in the seventies, requested by my wife.

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