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Tom Raley (Singer, Songwriter, Musician)


Guitar (lead and rhythm)




Vocals (lead and harmony)

various backup tracks


Tom was born in Jefferson City Tennessee and was exposed to music from an early age where every Friday night was time for all the neighbors and kin to gather at his parents house and share some good old time music. He got his first guitar wnen he was 5 for Christmas. He learned to play listneing to a small battery operated transistor radio and sitting in the corner while all the musicians were playing. Tom always wanted to sing his own songs. He wrote his first song at the age of 10 and hasn't stopped yet. Through the years he has played in several bands of all types and travelled the bluegrass circuit and the Blues circuit around Atlanta. He has done concerts, roadhouses, weddings, funerals, you name it. His favorite times are when he and his close friends get together and play their music like he and Jim are doing on ;these CDs.


Jim Cruise (Singer, Songwriter, Musician)


Guitar (lead and rhythm)

Vocals ( lead and harmony)

various backup tracks


Jim was born in Galax, Virginia and grew up listening to and playing old time mountain & bluegrass music that was (& still is) abundant in that area. From an early age, attending local get-togethers, fiddlers conventions, and festivals Jim naturally picked up the guitar. Never really taking music seriously as anything other than fun diversion, Jim never the less enjoys picking, singing, & song writing. With this collection, Jim & Tom are sharing years of experiences, both individually and together, gathered from years upon years of playing music.


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