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2020 Released CDs

This Album is another collection of moods by Solo artist  TOM RALEY that deal with his life and times he spent living it, He loves writing and playing music more than anything except being with his family. A lot of his songs are about his family. We hope you enjoy and share this new CD along with all his others

Song List

1.Sitting Here Looking At The Water

2.I Got The Right To Be Wrong

3.Please Please Tell Us What To Do

4.How Can I Feel So Alone

5.That's Not What We Came Here For

6.It Really Means A Lot To Me

7.Take My Blues Away

8.I Know Heaven Is The Home

9.Now That Mom and Dad Are Gone

10.Just One More Time

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As Long As We're Together CD pic cover.j

This Album is a collection of songs
written and  produced during the COVID 19 Quarantine.So as you can imagine there are several moods conveyed in the songs. All which are written about things that has happened to the artist TOM RALEY in  life. This period has made us all
second guess a lot in our lives but there
 is one thing for sure. We will make it 
through it all.

          “As Long As We’re Together” 
We hope this helps relieve some of the 
pressure of being quarantined for such a long period of time .

Please Enjoy and Share with your friends
and family !

Contact info: Tom Raley

Song List Disk One

1.   A Little While                                               
2.   A New York Minute                                       
3.   As Long As We’re Together                          
4.   As Time Goes By
5.   Down By The Lake
6.   Your Love Looking Back At Me
7.   Must Have Been A Hell Of A Night
8.   I’m Falling
9.   Rock Me In The Cradle
10. Small Town In The Middle Of Nowhere

Song List Disk Two
11. Help Me Understand
12. We Keep Going On
13. You Didn’t
14. Young Girl’s Innocence
15. I Just Can’t Forget You 
16. I’ll Be Waiting For You
17. No One To Blame
18. I Love You
19. Bring Back The Love I Know We Have
20. The River Keeps Rolling

For Hard Copy go to More page on this site. Pick Hardcopy Page

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