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This band is a collection of moods and music created by two good friends through many years. They met back in the 70s and played together for a few years and then times led them on separate paths in life. Their lives crossed every now and then and at everyone of these crossings  new songs were created and shared. The collection of songs on this project stem back from the sevenites and spans to the new songs of today. There is a large variety of musc on these three CDs. It would behouve you to sample all the cuts due to fact that they all tell a story in a different mood and genre of their journey. The project started out when they came back together in 2012 and decided it would be nice to put together about 10 or 12 songs for old times sake while they were still able. The first few songs, even though neither of the artist considered themselves to be country musicians, were soon realized to be some really sad country songs. As they were sitting outside the studio listening to their first session it became obvious that there had to be a country album. They then began to determine the next few songs to go on the CD. Before they realized and a year later the collection had grown to be 51 songs of all genres and therefore it was decided to stop recording and produce what they had, good or bad. We think it came out GOOD.


Wine Bottle Collection

consist of a double CD of a variety of styles, country rock,jazz, blues, etc, a Country CD that is definately Sad Country songs and a Bluegrass collection of their songs. I think it is something anyone could find a few of the cuts to be enjoyable. The main thing is, it is a successful attempt to capture the styles and moods of

Tom Raley and Jim Cruise

Two good friends forever.








Brought to you By Katrshan Productions and KP Records

all rights reserved copyright 2014

registered BMI

Recorded and mastered in Katrshan Productions Recording Studio

Mastering engineer- Tom Raley

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